What you wear can make or break your media image!

Lady with camera

Ask yourself, what’s the very first thing you notice when you see someone on television or online? Even before he or she opens their mouth? The way they are dressed of course. You see, the attire you decide to have on when you appear on TV might seem unimportant, but that couldn’t be further from the truth! This important aspect of being on camera is often overlooked but it can also have the most destructive impact on your image and the image of your company. So why does what we wear on camera have such a powerful impact on our overall image?

Research has shown that what you wear carries a lot of weight. From changing the way you perform to changing the way viewers perceive you. Let’s take former president Barack Obama for example. Have you ever noticed his attire during many of his speeches to the working class Americans? He often has his suit jacket off and his sleeves rolled up, which might not seem like much, but that is what allows him to connect so well with other class citizens. His attire shows that he was a hard working citizen just like the rest of us. It also shows that he considers himself among them and not better than them. All of that just from losing the jacket and rolling up his sleeves. Talk about impact!

So how can you apply this to your image? Well for starters, don’t step out of the shower on the day of your television or live camera interview/video and decide, last minute, what you should wear! Waiting until the last minute is like waiting until the very last day to buy that Thanksgiving turkey or family Christmas present; it can become a nightmare really fast! Remember the old saying, when you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  

Okay, so now you have the planning part down, but you still don’t know what variables need to be considered. Well the first and most important variable to consider is color. The psychology of color can be seen every day. From food advertisements to the clothes you wear on television, color becomes the primary factor in our judgment process. So when you are planning what to wear, choose colors that convey what it is you want to convey. That’s right, colors convey different meanings.

Now you have another ingredient to finding success on camera, but you’re going to want the whole recipe in order to really reap the rewards. With Contacts Media, we dive deeper into the psychology of color and everything else you need to boost your image on and off camera. An hour of media coaching with us can make the difference between burnishing your image and destroying it! So trust the media coaching professionals at Contacts Media to prepare you for your next on camera interview, Facebook Live video or even your next YouTube video. Our one, two and three hour media coaching sessions will help you look and perform your best. Ready to improve your image? Call Contacts Media at 908-670-9500 or email contacts@contactsmedia.com. You can also visit www.contactsmedia.com to learn more!

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