Most Recent Clients

Jordan E. Goodman
Jordan E. Goodman is "America's Money Answers Man" and a nationally-recognized expert on personal finance. He is a regular guest on numerous radio and television call-in shows across the country, answering questions on personal financial topics.

Christopher Cabanillas
Christopher Cabanillas is the founder of Cabanillas & Associates. He specializes in real estate and foreclosure issues. He is also an immigration lawyer with a special emphasis on issues affecting the Hispanic community.

Alain Sanders
Alain Sanders is a professor of Political Science at Saint Peter’s University in Jersey City, New Jersey. Prior to that he worked as a senior reporter for TIME Magazine.

Ian M. Marlow
Ian M. Marlow is the founder and CEO of tech leader FITECH. He can speak to all issues concerning cyber security and cutting edge tech innovations. His company specializes in IT issues affecting the financial and real estate industries.

Lew Weiss
Lew Weiss is a national and international business and manufacturing professional. He is CEO of All Metals & Forge Group in NJ and co-host of 'Manufacturing Talk Radio'. He has more than 45-years of business experience and can speak to business trends here and around the world.

Ralph DiBugnara
Ralph DiBugnara is VP of Residential Home Funding based in Pasipanny, NJ. He heads up RH Funding's Retail Sales Division and is a specialist in home lending and recruitment.

Jason Reddish
Jason Reddish is the CEO and founder of Total Merchant Resources in Piscataway, NJ. His company's innovative lending model allows small businesses to get ready cash quickly and beyond the more traditional funding models. He, his partner and company were recently featured on CNBC's 'Shark Tank'.

Val Pinkhasov
Val Pinkhasov is the co-founder of Total Merchant Resources in Piscataway, NJ. He is a former equities trader and mortgage broker. He handles all aspects of risk management and underwriting. He, his partner Jason Reddish, and Total Merchant Resources' unique lending model were recently featured on CNBC’s ‘Shark Tank’.

Karl Romain
Karl Romain is a World Champion and United International Kung Fu Hall of Fame inductee. He's also authored two books including 'The Self-Confidence Factor: A Parents Guide to Bully Prevention'. He is regularly seen on network TV including Doctor Oz, Oprah and elsewhere.

Paul Oster
Paul Oster of the owner of a major credit repair agency and an expert in the field of credit repair. He is often called upon to speak about the dysfunction in the credit reporting industry and recent moves to regulate it.

Dr. Kim Nichols
Dr. Kim Nichols is a board-certified Harvard-educated dermatologist and expert in the fields of medical dermatology and cosmetic surgery.

Anthony Lolli
A millionaire in his 20s, a real estate expert, and owner of Rapid Realty in NYC with 60+ franchises around the country. Anthony Lolli can speak to all aspects of the residential and rental real estate market.

Doctor Damon Noto
Doctor Damon Noto is on the cutting edge of a movement called 'regenerative medicine' in which the body's stem cells are used to repair chronic back and spine injuries. Stem Cell Therapy Video

Doctor Bart Rossi
Doctor Rossi is the nation's preeminent 'Political Psychologist' and is often called upon to discuss how the human mind works in stories ranging from political impropriety to the mindset of mass murderers.

Jackie Guzda, Ph.D.
A professor of Media Communication at Western Connecticut State University and the University of Connecticut - Jackie keeps a pit bull-type watch on the daily happenings of both the media circus and its' bedfellow the political arena.

Andre DiMino
Andre DiMino is a businessman and president of the Italian American One Voice Coalition. He has been seen on network TV speaking on behalf of the group's thousands of members who continue to fight negative stereotyping of Italian Americans.

Mia Toschi
Mia Toschi is a former teacher, Managing Editor of Weekly Reader, and reporter covering educational issues all over the world from the rebuilding of schools in Southeast Asia folllowing the 2005 tsunami to the Aids Crisis in South Africa. She currently works as a manager for the 9/12 Generation Project, a national service-learning program that teaches nationwide about volunteerism, compassion, kindness, and diversity.

Frank Cipolla
Frank Cipolla is a television and radio on air news veteran, author, and media expert who is heard nationally critiquing the media's role in covering and reporting stories.

Doctor David Herzog
Doctor David Herzog is the pioneer of a state of the art procedure that allows post menopausal women to enjoy a healthy and sustainable sex life.

Doctor Larry Arbeitman
Doctor Larry Arbeitman is among just a couple of hundred chiropractic specialists practicing upper cervical chiropractic care. This unique form of chiropractic medicine is sort after by professional athletes and others who understand its benefits.

John Patti
Attorney John A. Patti has been seen and heard on network radio and TV. He's certified to argue cases before the U-S Supreme Court. He can speak to all legal issues big and small.

Bill Timoney
Bill Timoney's entertainment industry background includes work as an actor and voice actor talent in hundreds of movies, TV shows & commercials. He helps make sense of the Hollywood scene.

Doctor Scott Wells
Doctor Scott Wells is the Park Avenue 'Cosmetic Surgeon to the Stars' and has been seen most recently on Fox and CBS.

Doctor Pericles Lantz
Doctor Pericles Lantz is a biologist and surgeon who is pioneering stem cell therapy and other aspects of regenerative medicine.

Bob Brown
Bob Brown is a retired police officer, PBA head, and currently a practicing attorney. Bob can speak to all practical and legal issues involving law enforcement.

E. Martin Davidoff
E. Martin Davidoff owns a firm that specializes in battling the IRS. His firm has exploded in recent years as more and more people question IRS audits. Davidoff & Associates Solves IRS Problems