Is your next camera appearance going to help or hurt your business?

Bad audio, lighting and framing. It’s not a movie – it’s your next YouTube, website or on camera appearance. And if you are going to do it – do it right. You may not know it, but a poorly executed video can do more harm to your business than anything else. There’s a world of viewers who are just itching to see someone look bad or make a mistake on camera, just so they can make your debacle the next internet sensation for everyone to laugh at. Others may not take what you do seriously, which could lead to bigger problems than you are equipped to deal with. Ask yourself, is your next camera appearance going to help or hurt you or your business?

There are so many things you need to think about BEFORE you appear on camera. How is the lighting? How does your hair look? What are you going to say and how are you going say it? Having the answers to questions such as these will place you ahead of the competition. Proper Preparation Prevents Poor Performance. Although this is a given, people are still jumping into that den of wolves without being prepared! Now I don’t know about you, but I personally don’t like the sound of being “eaten alive” by a bunch of hungry wolves. And by hungry wolves, I mean everyday viewers who are watching your live camera appearance. The point I’m making here is don’t be food for the wolves… be PREPARED!


So now ask yourself, how can you be prepared? Two words are your solution and saving grace from the nightmare you almost found yourself in, and those two words are – Media Coaching. You would be amazed by the dramatic difference media coaching has on how you present yourself on camera. Now you might be saying to yourself, “Nah, I’ll just wing it!”, or “I’ve done this a few times, I know what I’m doing”. Well let me stop you right there, media coaching can benefit anyone!

We’re not talking about some risky new investment idea. Media coaching is a no-risk viable option for anyone who takes their image seriously. You need to make your next on-camera appearance successful. Media Coaching is an investment. Everyone who receives media coaching always finds themselves learning something new or correcting a bad habit that they weren’t aware of. Imagine being able to walk in front of the camera with your new-found confidence and skill set! Sounds nice right?

So where can you find someone reputable and trustworthy to provide you with valuable media coaching? Contacts Media. Forty-year TV news veteran and founder of Contacts Media Frank Cipolla can make your video go from bad to super with one hour of media coaching training and video consultation. With Contacts Media coaching, you will learn everything from how you should present yourself on camera to the big dos and don’ts of live media. Contacts Media Coaching will also help you correct any bad habits and prevent you from developing future ones. So invest in yourself the right way and get media coaching before your next appearance on camera. After all, It’s your company’s image. It’s YOUR image. So don’t blow it!

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