How You Can Find The Right Talent For Your Next Conference, Convention Or Seminar

Hosting a conference, convention or seminar? Then you already know how important it is to find speakers that will deliver the most value to your attendees. But the question is: where do you find them?

When you hire the right talent for your events, you will…

  • Get attendees to come back again and again
  • Increase your attendance at your next event
  • Draw even more industry leaders to speak at your event
  • Position yourself as a top host for conventions in your industry

And so much more.

In this article, you will discover how you can go about hiring top talent for your next conference or convention.

Get ready to find out…

  • Key qualities of top speakers you should target
  • How to find talent that makes attendees return to your events

And more.

Are you ready to show your attendees why your conference, convention or seminar is a “can’t miss” event?

Keep reading to find out right now.


Key Qualities of a Top Speaker

In order for your attendees to see value in your event, it’s important for you to find the right talent.

Look for a speaker who is…

  • Well-known: Popular speakers already have a strong following, which means they can help you bring in new people you may not have attracted otherwise. Plus, you will benefit from their marketing in addition to your own.
  • Reliable: An unreliable well-known speaker does not benefit you at all. Imagine building hype around a speaker only to find out they’re not going to show. This will break trust with your audience and devalue your event.
  • Relevant: Just because a speaker is well-known doesn’t mean they’re the right fit for your event. Make sure you find speakers who cover topics your audience wants to hear about.
  • Articulate: Of course, you want speakers who are well spoken. Find someone who speaks clearly and eloquently so your audience can follow along with ease.
  • Knowledgeable: Don’t hire just anyone. Your speakers should be experts in their space. This will position your conference, convention or seminar as the leading event in your industry.
  • Personable: Speaking well is not the only characteristic that makes a great speaker. Great speakers relate to their audience. Your ideal speaker makes the audience feel comfortable and content.
  • Engaging: Keep your audience on the edge of their seat. Find speakers who ask questions and get the audience to take action. The last thing anyone wants is a speaker who puts the audience to sleep.

Now that you know what to look for in your speakers, it’s time to discover how to find top talent for your next event.


How to Find Top Talent for Your Next Event

Before you begin looking for speakers, you should have a solid understanding of how your audience thinks and acts.

Ask yourself: What do your attendees want to hear about? Which speakers or topics will excite them? What would they benefit from learning?

Once you know your audience’s behavior, it’s time to find speakers that will resonate so you can put on your best event yet.


Tools for Finding the Best Speakers:

  • Search Social Media: A great way to find your ideal speaker is by looking at your Facebook Audience Insights. This will tell you what your audiences likes and who your audience follows. Also refer to LinkedIn and YouTube to find active speakers in your space.
  • Browse the National Speakers Association Website: This is a great tool for you to find speakers in every industry. This organization boasts over 3,400 members, which means plenty of speakers for you to choose from.
  • Check out SpeakerHub: This speaking-specific resource is a great way for you to connect with over 7,000 speakers all over the world who are actively looking for new opportunities.
  • Ask Prospects to Submit Proposals: Publish an announcement that you are looking for speakers for your next event. Use online tools like email and social media to spread the word. From there, sit back and watch the proposals roll in.

Now you know how to source speaking talent for your events. Are you ready to get started?


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