Elevate Your Branding: How to Stand Out (And Succeed) At Your Next Convention

Do you want to boost your ROI at your next convention or trade show?

You’re not alone. Nearly half of attendees use conventions as a tool to increase sales. But nowhere near half of these people actually see the results they desire.

That’s why we created this article to show you how to be unconventional at your next convention so you can stand out, build your network, and close even more deals.

Get ready to learn how to:

  • Market yourself before, during and after conventions
  • Network like a pro and find more qualified leads for your business
  • Brand yourself so that your impression lasts long after the convention
  • Master the follow up so your new contacts don’t go cold

And much more.

Now let’s get to the good stuff.


Your Online Marketing Strategy For Conventions

We know what you’re thinking: if you’re networking face-to-face, then why do you need to be online?

Because the convention is just one of many touch points.

In fact, you can start building your relationship with prospects before the convention takes place. After all, the most dedicated convention-goers will research other brands beforehand so they can maximize their time at the show.

And after you make your connections, your new prospects will want to do what everyone does in the 21st century: Google you. Check out your website. Look you up on social media.

If you’re lacking in those departments, your street cred could go down considerably – and fast.

Don’t let this be you. Here’s how to stand out before, during and after all your conventions.


3 Simple Steps to Stand Out Before, During and After Conventions

As you now know, the best way to market yourself for a convention is to start the conversation before you get there and continue the conversation long after you leave. The best way to do this?

We’ll break it down in 3 easy steps. Hint: it’s all online.


Step 1: Brand Yourself Online

If you haven’t done this already, it’s time to get on it. To start, get a website and open your social media accounts. Your website is your virtual storefront, and your social media profiles are a powerful way to stay in contact with your target audience.

Did you know… according to Digital Information World, Facebook and YouTube are the two most popular social networks of 2019. So if you’re new to the whole social media thing, we suggest you start with those two.


Step 2: Create Great Content, Especially Videos!

In today’s digital society, having an online presence is not enough. You need to produce quality content that your audience will engage with. At Contacts Media, we have found video marketing to be extremely successful when it comes to converting your prospects into customers.

When you post videos online, you give your new audience access to YOU 24/7/365 without you needing to work all hours of the day. Plus, it gives your audience an opportunity to meet you before you even attend the trade show. And it gives them a tangible way to remember you long after the convention is over.

Can you imagine an easier way to warm up your leads and keep them warm?

To get started, publish professional videos where you offer business advice, tutorials, and even the occasional promotional offer. You can do this by posting on YouTube, creating your own vlog, or landing an interview on a major news channel.


Step 3: Share Your Content On Social Media

Once you have your content created, it’s time to start sharing it with your networks. Post blogs and videos on Facebook along with any other social media networks that fit your brand.

Congratulations! Now you know how to up your game at conventions.

Want even more expert tips for networking, branding and video marketing?


Develop Your Convention Strategy With Contacts Media

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With 35+ years of on-air TV and radio experience, Contacts Media can help position you as an expert in your field so that new prospects come straight to you instead of the other way around.


Get ready to create content your audience cares about, land more interview appearances, and become an in-demand business at every convention you go to.

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