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Contacts Media raises the awareness of your practice or business by utilizing our long standing relationships with colleagues and friends throughout the news business. That’s why we say "contacts make the difference". Our calls are answered in every newsroom because news directors and assignment editors trust us to know and understand what makes a story a story.

Our team continually reviews news stories of the day. Searching for "hooks" that will highlight your expertise and make you the perfect guest to address a breaking news story or an ongoing storyline. Consider us your lobbyist. Your facilitator. We keep your message out there and search for every opportunity to raise your profile and generate trust with the help of the free media.

Chinese Dance Troupe and client Shen Yun appears on Fox5's Good Day New York to promote appearance at Lincoln Center

Media Coaching

Being on TV and radio is more than just an opportunity to raise your visibility - it also requires skill. It's a performance you must master to make sure what you say is heard - and to be invited back again and again. The good ones know how to do it. With our more than 35 years of on air TV and radio experience we can show even the novice how to excel in this area and to make your appearance memorable. Even if you are not a Contacts Media client we can offer expert hourly TV and radio talent coaching for you, your executive team and staff.


Everyday Contacts Media clients are heard all around the country. We book radio interviews on stations in major markets and on major radio networks. Radio affords our clients the ability and time to explain to a wide audience - all at once - what it is they do and why it's important. The interviews can provide perspective on a breaking news story or, for clients doing business nationally, the opportunity to be heard in markets they normally would not be able to reach. Like anything radio is a performance - and our team of radio professionals can help train you use your voice to express energy and passion.

Linda Piff on CEO Radio
hosted by Ray Hoffmann:

Linda Piff on CEO Radio: Audio Clip 1

Dr. Damon Noto
on WFAN Sports Radio:

Dr. Damon Noto on WFAN-AM: Audio Clip 1

Dr. Damon Noto on WFAN-AM: Audio Clip 2